Rosewood + Silver Holistic Studio

The Studio + Dispensary


The Dispensary

Rosewood + Silver Holistic Studio is located in the heart of historic downtown Collingwood, Ontario. Aside from being the clinic space for Western Medical Herbalist and Acupuncturist Melanie Hill, it’s also a multi-disciplinary space offering an extensive Herbal Dispensary, Wellness-focused retail space and open studio for body work, meditation and educational workshops. We focus on local, ethical and mindful medicine. Our goal is to help you navigate the overwhelming world of natural medicine in the most straight-forward and simplistic way possible, to allow for joy in the day to day, and journey in discovering your best self.

We welcome you to join us to explore the passion and excitement we have to share about wellness, plants and the environment!


The Founder—
Melanie Hill, RH

Melanie Hill is a Registered Medical Herbalist, and an Interning Acupuncturist. She completed her herbal + acupuncture studies at The Institute of Traditional Medicine under a diverse and inspiring faculty. She is currently studying to become a DONA certified Birth Doula, and will complete her studies through Carriage House Birth in Brooklyn, NY.

Her passion for healing began as a young child, having been immersed in an eclectic upbringing, embraced by many women who relied heavily on nature, intuition and their surroundings to heal them. She loves the outdoors, and never feels complete unless granted the opportunity to immerse herself in it. Melanie is an avid gardener, wild-crafter, beach comber, cook, friend and animal lover. These passions shine through her perspectives + motives as a practitioner.

As a practitioner, Melanie is driven to investigate the bigger picture. She strongly believes that in order to regain balance we must focus not only on our presenting symptoms, but also honouring our minds, bodies + spirits as a whole, in order to help narrow in on what shifts are necessary to regain the best versions of ourselves. Her focus is on plant + food based medicine, often incorporating a mix of modalities that are best suited to her clients wants + needs.

Inclusion, empowerment and self-care are three of the focused goals she has for her clients. She hopes that she can aid in inspiring you to rebalance your life to find an easy journey and lifelong stride toward your best, authentic self.