The Studio + Shop


The Dispensary

Rosewood + Silver Holistic Studio is a full-spectrum Herbal Dispensary offering bulk loose herbs, tinctures, powders, capsules, and infused oils. Our herbs are available for sale by the gram or mililitre, and can be custom blended to suit your needs. Most of our herbs are sourced locally, and are GMO-free, Organic, ethically wildcrafted and fair-trade as much as possible. Respect for the earth, growers and cultures that cultivate these plants is an ultimate priority for us at Rosewood + Silver. Although our dispensary is primarily North American and Western plants we do carry some Ayeurvedic, South American and Eastern Herbs as well. Below is our standard dispensary list, but it may vary depending on seasonal availability. Contact us if there’s something you’re after, but don’t see listed below.


Current Dispensary Offerings

Loose Herbs
Angelica Marshmallow Black Cohosh
Ashwaganda Meadowsweet Blue Cohosh
Astragalus Motherwort Borage
Barberry Mugwort Burdock
Black Cohosh Mullein Calendula
Blue Cohosh Nettles California poppy
Blue Flag Oat (Tops + Straw) Cayenne
Blue Vervain Oregon Grape Chamomile
Calendula Passionflower Chaga
California Poppy Pau d’Arco Chastetree (Vitex)
Cat’s Claw Peppermint Dandelion Root
Chaga Plantain Devil’s Claw
Chamomile Pleurisy Dong Quai
Chastetree Berry (Vitex) Red Clover Echinacea
Comfrey Red Raspberry Leaf Elderberry
Crampbark Rosehips Evening Primrose
Damiana Rosemary Fennel
Dandelion Root Sage Fenugreek
Echinacea Sasparilla Gentian
Elecampane Schizandra Berries Ginger
Eleuthro Skullcap Ginseng (Siberian)
Evening Primrose Snakeroot (Canadian) Gotu Kola
Ginger St. John’s Wort Hawthorn Berries
Gingko Thyme Hops
Gotu Kola Tulis (Holy Basil) Juniper
Hawthorn Turmeric Kava Kava
Hibiscus Uva Ursi Lavender Skullcap
Horsetail Usnea Lemonbalm Turmeric
Hops Valerian Root Licorice Uva Ursi
Hydrangea Wild Yam Lobelia Valerian
Kava Kava Yellow Dock Maca Walnut Hull
Lady’s Mantle Marshmallow Willow
Lavender Tinctures Motherwort Wild Yam
Lemonbalm Angelica Nettles Wormwood
Licorice Root Ashwaganda Passionflower Yarrow
Linden Barberry Reishi
Maitake Bee Propolis Slippery Elm


The Wellness Shop

To compliment our dispensary we also offer a small retail space that offers hard to find wellness brands and products. Our focus for the shop is on high-end, handmade, ethical, organic and earth-friendly offerings that help enhance our day to day lives through beauty and function. We’re thrilled to have a highly curated, thoughtful collection of brands and makers that we can stand behind on all principles. Some brands and creators we carry include:

Zoca Lotion (NY)
Activist Manuka Honey (New Zealand/LA)
Samyoga (Toronto)
Juniper Ridge (California)
Donald’s Honey (Owen Sound)
TGHT SNCTRY (Collingwood)
Wilderness Soap Company (Collingwood)
Cavern Candles (NYC)
Sayula (Vancouver)
Hecho (Oaxaca Mexico)

+ many, many more