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The Essentials of Essential Oils with Ritual Alchemy

Wednesday, July 10th
6:30-8:30 pm
$40 —

Join Julie Caron of Ritual Alchemy for an evening of luxury + wellness inside and out. She will be guiding us through the in’s and out’s of essential oils, including safe sourcing, blending, applications and contraindications.

We will end the evening with a participatory personal blending activity, which you’ll be taking home with you upon completion.

$40 includes take home blend, and light refreshments. 15% off in store at Rosewood + Silver that night as well.

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Julie has been working in the world of holistic wellness and specifically with essential oils for over 4 years and is currently wrapping up her Aromatherapist Certification.

Her passion is connecting people with the incredible magic of plants and helping others become their own intuitive healers.

She is based in Toronto, ON


The Drop In Project’s Introduction to Mindfulness

Tuesday, July 23rd
6:30-8:30 pm

$40— (Let us know if this is an obstacle)

Have you been hearing about mindfulness but you’re not quite sure what it is? Or perhaps you know a little and want to learn more – or are skeptical? The best way to explore is to experience it! This two-hour workshop is designed so that participants can partake in a range of small mindfulness practices. In addition you will learn the importance of the mind/body connection, the science behind mindfulness, some of the benefits and what it takes to develop a sustainable practice.

Mindfulness has to do with being fully present and aware of where we are and what we are contributing in a given moment. It sounds easy enough but in this fast paced, high tech worldwe are easily pulled in many directions and can lose focus, feel overwhelmed, endure stress and suffer seemingly unpredictable changes in mood. Cultivating awareness of thoughts, emotions and sensations can free us from automatic, habitual reactions that may lead us astray – and provide an opportunity to invite measured responses that more truly reflect our wishes, values and intentions.

Carla Weinstein, of The Drop In Project, will be joining us to facilitate this workshop.

Anyone curious about mindfulness should attend (there are no pre-requisites or expectations) the environment will be warm and open!

Comfortable clothing is recommended.

You can learn more about Carla here or on Instagram: @thedropinproject.

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